Three Reasons You Should Choose Metal Monkey Recycling


Three Reasons You Should Choose Metal Monkey Recycling


There are many companies that collect old, unwanted and scrap cars, but none of them have our commitment to recycling, our higher than base value pricing and our easy, streamlined online quotation procedure. Here are three of the main reasons to choose Metal Monkey Recycling.

We Make You Money

The in-depth reprocessing and recycling that we carry out boosts the value of your scrap car, and means that we are able to pay you more than the basic value. We charge no administration fees whatsoever; the quote we give you is the exact amount you will receive, in cash and on the spot, when we collect your car from anywhere in the country. We also offer you the option of donating your car to the charity of your choice, or one of our partner charities.

We Save the Planet

We not only maximize the value of your car, but aim to maximize environmental benefits too, by recycling every part of the car, not just the metal. Once we collect the car from you, it is first de-polluted by removing the batteries and draining the brake fluids, anti-freeze and motor oil. We assess any parts that can be re-used, repaired or re-engineered. What is left is stripped down and every part removed for recycling, including metal, glass, rubber and plastic. The small amount left is crushed. We are registered with the Environment Agency and regularly exceed the 85 percent recycling target set by the EU.

We Make Things Easy

We have one of the best, and simplest, quotation systems available. Simply type in your car's registration number, make and model, and we will let you know exactly how much it is worth. We can usually tell right away if the car can be repaired, when we will phone you and offer much more than the car's scrap value. We come and pick up your vehicle within a day of the quote being accepted.

All you need to do then is sign the logbook and take your money. If you have a car you no longer want, call us for a quote on 01642 802396. If it is cheaper for you, use our mobile number, 0753 895 1262, or fill out the online quotation form. Our quotes are completely free, so you have nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain.