Things You Need to Know When Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Car


Things You Need to Know When Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Car

If you’re considering getting rid of your unwanted car and you’re looking into taking it to a scrap car recycling company like the team here at Metal Monkey Recycling then there are several things you need to know:

Who’s Responsible for Your Car?

As the owner of the car you’re responsible for the vehicle until you have transferred ownership or you have arranged for the car to be destroyed. You also need to inform the DVLA that you are no longer the registered keeper and are therefore not liable for the car. To do this you need to fill in and send the DVLA section 9 of the V5. You will then be sent a letter from the DVLA confirming that you are no longer the registered keeper of the car.

Car Collection

Many companies will offer a collection service, if you have opted for your car to be collected you need to be clear when it is being collected and what documentation you will need. It’s important to know exactly who will be collecting your car, if you have contacted a number of companies looking for the best deal, it’s not unheard of for those companies to turn up at your home and try to collect your car.

Here at Metal Monkey, when you organise collection with us we will provide you with all the details of the driver including his mobile phone number, he will then call you before he leaves the yard and then again if his arrival time has been altered due to heavy traffic.

What if I’ve Lost My V5?

If you don’t have your V5 when we come to collect your car we will assist you in finding other forms of paperwork that prove ownership of the car, this may be car insurance details or a car tax reminder from the DVLA.

Here at Metal Monkey we are always on hand to offer our expert advice; we can offer you professional guidance on what is the best option for your unwanted car to ensure the best possible results for you financially. Call us today on 01642 802396 and find out what we could offer you for your car.