The Process of Selling Your Car for Repairs


The Process of Selling Your Car for Repairs

When it’s time to get rid of your car – whether it’s been involved in an accident or it’s developed a major mechanical fault - it can be difficult to know what to do with it. Here at Metal Monkey Recycling we will be able to offer you expert and honest advice on what is the best plan of action for getting rid of your car.

If your car has been in an accident or needs a lot of work carrying out we can also advise you on how much it would cost to repair your car and if we would consider repairing it or whether we think it would be more cost effective for you in scrap or salvage.

As part of our ethos we will only scrap a car if we absolutely have to, it may be uneconomic for you to have the car repaired yourself but we could repair it for onward sale. It may seem strange that the trade could possibly repair your car for a cheaper price than your local garage or dealership but there are several reasons for this:

  • They can send broken parts away to be re-engineered
  • They may already have the part needed for repair, salvaged from another vehicle
  • They will repair the car when they are short of work
  • They can use specialists who have specific ways of fixing known and common problems


We have the means to find someone who has a cheap solution to fixing your car meaning we can often repair a car where other companies often wouldn’t.

Why Sell Us Your Car for Repairs?

  • We know that it would be really difficult for you to sell a broken car, after all who would want to buy it? We have the ability to find people that would.
  • It may be that your broken car has been sat in a garage for a while, you’ve always meant to get it fixed but time and money constraints have prevented you.
  • Perhaps the repair bill is too costly so the car has been left unrepaired while you saved up for a new car and now you no longer need it.
  • If your car has been written off by your insurance company we can still buy your car and repair it using salvaged parts – this allows us to pay you more than your insurance company may offer you.


Our main goal is to ensure we find you the best option for you financially, we can offer you a price regardless of the age or condition of your car. If we can get you the best value from repairing your car then that’s exactly what we will do. This may mean that your car is shipped hundreds of miles away to a specialist but we will take care of everything for you and ensure you receive the money before the car leaves you.

For further advice or information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and speak to a friendly member of our team.