Metal Monkey Recycling

How it Works – Scrap Car Quotes

This is where we believe we are different! We don't just give you a quote based on the scrap value of the car.

If, from the details you provide, we suspect the car can be repaired, we will call you for a brief chat to ask a few more questions. If repairing the car is an option then we can usually offer you much more than the scrap cars value.

Once you have your quote and if you are keen to proceed, our collection agent will arrange a convenient time for your vehicle to be collected and we can commence with the car removal.

How it Works - Collection & Payment

Vehicles can usually be collected within a day of the quote being accepted. Once collection is complete, you sign the log book to transfer ownership of the car to our agent and we give you your money.

As far as you are concerned that's all there is to scrapping a car. See it's easy.

How it Works - Process of Scrapping a Car

On arrival, the first step in scrapping a car is depollution. This involves the removal of batteries, anti-freeze, motor oil and brake fluids. The next step when it comes to scrapping a car is removing all salvageable parts which can be sold on.

We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so instead of simply sending the rest of the car to be shredded we strip down the vehicle of all components which are recyclable and systematically process every material. This process of scrapping a car allows us to exceed the 85% recycling target set out by new EU directive on end-of-life cars. Once everything that can be recycled has been removed and processed we receive a scrap value of the remaining materials from the shedding company based upon the current commodities market.

This allows us to offer fantastic quotes!

friendly and efficient service...!