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Maximising the Benefit - Scrap Car Value

As experts specialising in the disposal of scrap cars, we at Metal Monkey Recycling believe that the word 'maximising' is not merely related to the value attached to scrap cars. In fact, we believe it means considering a holistic approach to bring about a balanced and positive impact on our society (our 'Total Solution'). With this in mind, not only do we take great efforts to find the best price for your vehicle but we also strive to maximise the environmental benefit as well; which is why we aim to recycle and sell-on as much of the vehicle as possible.

When it comes to recycling cars, we don't just recycle the metal. We recycle as much of the car as we can to minimise the waste that ends up in landfill. While this is extremely beneficial for the environment, it also means that we can generate more money for the customer. As well as the metal, we recycle the oil, plastic, glass, rubber, batteries, catalytic converters and much more.

Recycling for Greater Scrap Car Values

By recycling effectively, we boost your scrap car value; and this is reflected in our quotes. You'll struggle to find scrap car prices which are better than ours, so make sure you pick up the phone today and call us on 01642 802396. You can call our mobile number on 0753 895 1262 if you find it cheaper.

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For a direct quote you can either call us and we'll give you a scrap car value or you can complete our quick and easy online quote form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly. Why go anywhere else when you can get more money for your scrap car and protect the environment in the process.

Collection & Payment

Vehicles can usually be collected within a day of the quote being accepted. Once collection is complete, you sign the log book to transfer ownership of the car to our agent and we give you your money.

As far as you are concerned that's all there is to it! Following pick-up your car will be taken to one of our authorised facility centres.


On arrival, the first step is depollution; this involves the removal of motor oil, anti-freeze, batteries and brake fluids. The next step is the removal of all salvageable parts to be sold on.

We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so instead of simply sending the rest of the car to the shredde we strip down the vehicle of all its recyclable components and systematically process every material. This process allows us to exceed the 85% recycling target set out by new EU directive on end-of-life cars. Once everything that can be recycled has been removed and processed we receive a scrap value of the remaining materials from the shedding company based upon the current commodities market.

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