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East England Area : Scrap Car Peterborough
From our Peterborough base we pick up scrap cars as far north as Grantham, west to Oakham, Kettering and Corby, south as far as St Neots and as far east as Wisbech and Ely.
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Get the best scrap car values Peterborough and get expert recycling for your unwanted or scrap cars in Peterborough from Metal Monkey.

Fill in the Quick Quote Form now or call 01642 802396 to get a fast, no-obligation quote from one of our friendly team, we're taking calls for car scrapping in Peterborough all the time and can collect your scrap car quickly and reliably.

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Metal Monkey Recycling Tel. 01642 802396
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mot failures and insurance writeoffs

Our dedicated recycling plant means we can offer you the top prices for your old, unwanted and scrap car Peterborough with just one call to 01642 802396. We're always looking for cars in almost any condition – whether they're dead on the drive or an MOT failure that's not economical to repair – and we'll often give above the scrap car's normal value for your unwanted cars.

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we adhere to strict eu gidelines

We're fast too – once you agree on the cash offer we've made for your scrap car Peterborough we'll be round to pick up your unwanted or scrap car normally within 48 hours, removing it to our recycling plant for processing and de-pollution – and safely extracting fluids like oil, brake fluid and any harmful materials. More on recycling scrap cars.

Once all the recyclable plastics etc have been removed from the car, we follow the EU's strict guidelines for scrap car end-of-life disposal and put the car through a powerful shredder, reducing it to very small pieces that can be magnetically sorted to pick out the recyclable metals.

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We've built up a solid reputation for efficient and hassle-free car scrapping in Peterborough, and we make it as easy as possible to get rid of your scrap car. There are NO admin fees to pay with Metal Monkey Recycling and we take care of all the DVLA paperwork for you too – so all you need to do is call 01642 802396 and accept our generous cash offer!

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What we quote you is what you receive – there are no fees taken from it, and we always give the best offer we can on all our car scrapping in Peterborough – so say goodbye to your unwanted and scrap cars today with one call to Metal Monkey Recycling on 01642 802396. Scrap car value Peterborough




...what a great service and all over so quickly, one phone call, an offer for my scrap car which was accepted immediately, later that day they arrived and picked up my car on a low loader and handed me my money...

...I would recommend this company to friends and family...

...Best Scrap Car Value in Peterborough...

...I wasn't really expecting quite so much money for an old heap of a car...

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