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East Midlands Area : Scrap Car Leicester
We collect scrap cars in a 25 mile radius from our Leicester depot. This covers towns as far away as Nottingham, Oakham, Corby, Rugby, Nuneaton, Tamworth, Melbourne and anywhere in between.
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Car scrapping in Leicester doesn't get any easier than with Metal Monkey Recycling – the expert solution for all your unwanted and scrap cars.

You get a great price from Metal Monkey Recycling when you call about your old, unwanted or scrap car Leicester – regardless of condition. From insurance write-offs and accident damaged cars to MOT failures and old wrecks that won't ever move again – Metal Monkey give top rates and you'll often get more than the car's scrap value.

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Metal Monkey Recycling Tel. 01642 802396
Tithe St,

mot failures and insurance writeoffs

It's easy to get your scrap car price Leicester - just make one quick call to Metal Monkey Recycling on 01642 802396 or fill in the Quick Quote Form on the website and they'll make you a generous cash offer for your unwanted or scrap car in Leicester - and all you have to do is say Yes!

Once you've agreed to the top cash offer for your scrap car, the team from Metal Monkey will be round to collect it as quick as they can – normally within 48 hours. All our car scrapping in Leicester goes through our dedicated reprocessing plant where your unwanted or scrap car will be stripped for recycling and salvageable materials.

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we adhere to strict eu gidelines

All scrap cars from Leicester go through de-pollution where we remove all the oil, anti-freeze and harmful materials as part of our commitment to the EU's scrap car end-of-life legislation, and we make sure nothing's wasted – any parts and materials from your scrap car that can be recycled will be. Once we've done all that the remainder of your scrap car goes for shredding where the ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated for final reclamation to get the best scrap car value Leicester.

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Metal Monkey handle all of your car scrapping in Leicester – all you need to do is call 01642 802396 for your Quick Quote and we'll take care of the rest. All unwanted and scrap cars from Leicester are dealt with quickly and efficiently – we'll even do the DVLA notifications for you – and there are NO administration fees when you scrap a car with us.

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Get the best cash offer for your unwanted or scrap car now from Metal Monkey Recycling – for top prices, fast pickup and no admin fees – just call 01642 802396. For scrap car prices Leicester



...Our car had been sat on the driveway for several months, I thought that sending it to the car scrapper was the likely outcome. After speaking to Metal Monkey Recycling, it turned out the car was worth more than just the scrap car value, they repaired the car and returned it to the road ...

...a very professional service...

...Great Prices For Your Scrap Car Leicester...

...Thanks Metal Monkey, very supportive throughout...

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