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Yorkshire Area : Scrap Car Bradford
Our regional centre in the Leeds / Bradford area collects scrap cars as far north as Thirsk, to the east we collect cars as far as Brough and Scunthorpe, we can pick up as far south as Rotherham and as far west as Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield.
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Here at Metal Monkey Recycling we are proud to offer some of the most competitive prices of any car salvage service. Our attentive and customer-centric service is evident from the very first time that you contact us, and the no-hassle service that we offer ensures that should you wish us to remove an old rust-bucket from your property then we are the only name that you need to consider.

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Metal Monkey Recycling Tel. 01642 802396
Moxon Way,
Sherburn in Elmet,
LS25 6ET


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Have you become frustrated looking at the eyesore currently permanently parked on your driveway and found yourself uttering the words, “I need to find a service that allows me to scrap my car in Bradford with ease?”

Perhaps lady luck was frowning upon you, and having been involved in an accident you have decided that any hope of your once vital vehicle firing into life once more has faded, hence you have reluctantly decided that the services of a comprehensive and customer-centric car scrapper in Bradford is necessary.

If the answer to either of these questions is a resounding yes, then the only Bradford car scrapper that you need to consider is Metal Monkey Recycling.

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Now you may be thinking, “Can it really be that simple to scrap my car in Bradford?” Yes it can at Metal Monkey Recycling. One straightforward call to us and we’ll dispatch one of our full trained metal monkeys to come to your premises and assess the value of your vehicle and just how we can take it off your hands. Oh, did we neglect to mention the customer-centric car salvage service of Metal Monkey Recycling will often offer you a price that exceeds the worth of the car itself. Why, would you not contact us?

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Once we have completed the initial assessment of your vehicle then we leave the decision in your hands. If you decide that our metal monkeys provide the scrap my car in Bradford service that answers your prayers’ then we’ll return promptly, cash in hand, no admin fees will be charged to you, and take the vehicle off your hands in a timely and efficient manner. Job done!

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As an added bonus, Metal Monkey Recycling car scrapper Bradford will complete all of the DVLA paperwork on your behalf, and we are an environmentally-friendly service, then don’t waste any time on other car salvage Bradford services, just call 01642 802396 today!




...I didn't know were to go to get my scrap car collected in Bradford, I checked the web and found Metal Monkey Recycling, I'm glad I did, I got a great price and they made it so easy...

...I'll use them again, I sold my 2004 Peugeot 206, it wasn't ready to be scrapped but hadn't worked in months, they just came and picked it up...

...Highest Scrap Car Valuation I Found In Bradford...


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