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Pick Up Locations : Scrap Car Stevenage
We pick up old and scrap cars from Stevenage and across Hertfordshire. Our Southern scrap car collection vehicles operate from Bedford down to Central London and from Oxford to Cambridge.
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NO admin fees, no hidden charges, just great cash offers when you sell scrap cars for cash to Metal Monkey Recycling!

We don't just want your scrap car Stevenage, we will buy any car you have! Accident damaged, MOT failure or if you think its just to old to repair, we'll buy your car. And if we think we don't need to have the car scrapped, we'll tell you so and offer you more than the cars scrap value.

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Metal Monkey Recycling Tel. 01642 802396
44 White Hart Lane, London,
N22 5QJ


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Call Metal Monkey Recycling on 01642 802396 for generous offers on all unwanted or scrap cars Stevenage! It’s really simple and just one call could get you money in your pocket when you scrap cars for cash with Metal Monkey. Alternatively you can fill in the Quick Quote form on the site and one of our operators will respond with a cash offer on your scrap car Stevenage.

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no admin fees when scrapping your car

We hear back from many of our customers - “I can’t believe how easy it was to scrap my car for cash!” and we’ve made the process incredibly simple and straightforward.

Accept our cash offer and our team will collect your scrap car Stevenage (normally within 48 hours) and we’ll pay you the money we quoted on the spot! There are NO admin fees or hidden charges, so you get all the cash we offered with no strings attached.

We take almost any unwanted vehicles, so sell your scrap cars for cash today by calling 01642 802396 now.

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At Metal Monkey Recycling we follow the strictest recycling procedures that enable us to maximise the material recovered from your scrap car. This allows us to buy scrap cars for cash Stevenage at some of the top values in the UK, and we strip everything reusable from your scrap car to ensure we waste as little as possible. All scrap cars that go through our reprocessing comply with the EU’s end of life directives and we use the latest techniques and technology to recycle everything from tyres and glass to anti-freeze and batteries. Once your scrap car has been stripped it goes for final stage shredding, reducing the car to very small pieces in order to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

If you’ve been scratching your head wondering who to call - just dial 01642 802396 now and say ‘Scrap my car for cash!’, we’ll do the rest - you just sign on the line and we take your scrap car away, paying you the quoted cash there and then.


...scrapping a car is easy, well it was with Metal Monkey...

...I couldn't face getting my car fixed just so I could sell it so I was going to sell it for parts and take the hit. In the end I didn't need to, I discussed what was wrong with the car and they offered me a great price for my car even though it didn't work...

...Get The Best Scrap Car Price Stevenage!...

...I wasn't sure how to go about scrapping my car in Stevenage until I found these guys on the internet, from then on it was plain sailing, Thanks Metal Monkey...

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