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St Albans Region : Scrap Car St Albans
We collect scrap cars extensively across the South of England including, St Albans, Stevenage and Luton. We will buy your scrap cars from Stevenage down to Central London and from Oxford across to Cambridge.
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At Metal Monkey Recycling
we have two main aims:

to make sure all of the scrap cars we handle are recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible, also to raise as much money as possible for you....


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Metal Monkey Recycling Tel. 01642 802396
44 White Hart Lane, London,
N22 5QJ




eu guidelines for scrap cars

We don't just recycle the metal when scrapping cars in St Albans. We recycle as much of the car as we can to minimise the waste that ends up in landfill, and it also means that we generate more money for the customer. As well as the metal, we recycle the oil, plastic, glass, rubber, batteries, catalytic can find more about our scrap car recycling technology here.

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we adhere to strict eu gidelines

Whatever car you wish to sell we can help! It might be an accident damaged car, an MOT failure or simply a car that you think is too old to be worth repairing. Give us a call and we may surprise you. Quite often an old car doesn't need to be a scrap car St Albans.

We strive to give you the best price that we can and we never charge admin fees!

Just one call to our scrap car hotline on 01642 802396, and we can be round to collect your scrap car St Albans.



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We offer a free scrap car removal service around St Albans. The price we quote you is the money you receive, remember there are no additional fees with Metal Monkey Recycling.

Call Metal Monkey Recycling or fill in the Quick Quote form above.We will take details of the scrap car you want to sell.Our valuers will provide you with details of how much cash you can get for your old or scrap car.

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Every scrap car that we buy goes through our EU compliant end-of-life process, removing hazardous materials and salvageable components before final stage shredding to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



...Thanks to The Metal Monkey Team for such good service, they were helpful throughout...

...they paid me more than I was expecting, I had decided my old BMW was destined for the scrap yard but it turned out not to be the case. Metal Monkey said they intended to repair the car and bought it from me for more than the scrap car price...

...A Great Price For A Scrap Car St Albans...

...nice service and a nice price for my scrap car...

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