Recycling Your Car – What Material Can Be Re Used


Recycling Your Car – What Material Can Be Re Used?


In the 21st Century we are all very aware of our carbon footprints and the majority of us are conscientious of recycling whatever we can and trying to keep our waste to a minimum. But when it comes to your car, how much of it can be recycled?

You might be surprised at just how much of the material used to manufacture your car can be recycled, with the current statutory requirement to recycle 85% by weight of your car and with a planned increase to 95%. After steel, aluminium makes up the second highest proportion of the total weight of a car, currently the average is slightly over 130 kg. It can be used in the manufacturing of your cars;

  • engine and transmission ,now in 90% of all cars, 
  • Chassis and suspension now in 55% of all cars.

Sports cars have used aluminium for years, with the weight reductions providing improvements in handling both acceleration and braking. With the ever increasing cost of fuel its important cars are as fuel efficient as possible and one of the ways of doing this is to make the car lighter.  Resultantly modern cars are increasingly using aluminium across the full range of models.

As our recycling target is a % by weight the lighter a car becomes the more we need to recycle. As Aluminium has a higher value as well as a lower weight we are able to increase the value we pay for your cars, even though the weight is decreasing. Aluminium is a material that can be recycled again and again, the process is endless. And luckily the aluminium recycling process is simple and efficient, using 95% less energy than it takes to actually produce aluminium from its natural form, Bauxite.

Plastic also makes up an increasing percentage of your car and has been traditionally used for things like your car’s dashboards, bumpers and interior panels. New advances in plastic strength allows   car manufactures to replace metal parts throughout the car, including in the engine to reduce weight. As with Aluminium for a professional recycling company the lighter the car, the more material we need to recycle. The main issue with recycling plastic in cars is the large variety of plastic types used, with some components containing a range of different material types.  So we are investing in new techniques to ensure that we remain on target to recycle materials, even the new modern plastics.

So if you’re car is passed its prime, perhaps it has been involved in an accident or it just requires too much work to get it through its MOT, it may be worth considering scrapping your car for cash. This way you can feel like you’ve done your bit for the environment by recycling your car as well as having that bit of extra cash in your pocket.

Here at Metal Monkey Recycling we are always on hand to offer you advice on what is the best option for your car. We have the experience and expertise to tell you if it’s worth getting your car fixed or whether the best option financially is to scrap your car for cash. We can also find you the best place to take your old car, to repair, to brake and salvage the parts for reuse or as a last resort to recycle the material in your car For more information or advice don’t hesitate to contact us on 01642 802396.