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Greener Car Recycling

Here at Metal Monkey Recycling we have a greener approach to car recycling. We follow a four-step process when deciding exactly how to recycle a car. This enables us to decide the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to handle each component of an end-of-life- car.



Four Steps To Scrap Car Recycling


Some parts are of sufficiently good quality that they can simply be re-used without any further recycling or processing.


Some parts can be used again following some repair or re-engineering work. Re-manufacturing differs from recycling in that the part is preserved in its whole form.


If the part cannot be re-used or re-manufactured, then many components and parts can be recycled. This involves reducing the part to its component materials so that they can then be reprocessed into new forms.

Recovery / Refine

Even if we can't re-use, re-manufacture or recycle some materials, it may be possible to recover the energy from certain parts of an end-of-life car. The most obvious example is engine oil, this often contains impurities and cannot just be re-used. However, properly collected waste oil can be refined, and be a valuable energy resource. See how this works in our technology section.

We are proud of our efforts in recycling, see our comments on greener car recycling on the website of Hotcourses- the UK's largest course database.