Who picks up the car?

All the cars will be collected by our contractors who will take your car to an Authorised Treatment Facility. This service will be provided within 7 working days. All vehicles are collected free of charge.

Do you collect from anywhere in the UK?

Yes, we have a nationwide network that collects from anywhere in the country within 7 days of you accepting our quote..

Will I need an MOT certificate?

No, you don't!

Will I have to clean my car?

You do not need to clean your car. However, we are unable to dispose of additional materials (such as household waste), so any other waste must be removed from your vehicle. In addition, please ensure that all personal belongings are removed from your car.

Do you accept caravans?

Not at the moment, but we are looking to provide this service in the near future.

Do you charge an administration fee?

No, what we quote is what you get.

Do you accept bicycles?

Not at the moment.

Do you accept motorbikes?

We accept certain motorbikes, please contact us here.

Do you accept vans or buses?

We may accept certain vans or buses, please contact us here.

Do you accept classic cars?

Yes, we may send high end cars to an auction allowing us to maximise their value.

Can I keep my number plate?

Yes, please refer to the DVLA website for more detail and an application form.  Prices start from £105 to retain the vehicle registration number for one year.

I have a question which isn't covered in this section

Please complete the contact form here.

Legal Obligation, Tax and Ownership

When we collect your vehicle, we will issue you with a receipt and section 9 of the V5C form. Furthermore all scrap cars must be issued with an official DVLA Certificate of Destruction when they reach their end of life. We will provide you with an official DVLA Certificate of Destruction issued by our registered recycling centre, either via post or email. These documents safeguard you from any legal obligation. You may wish to apply for a vehicle license refund. For this you need to obtain a v14 form. A completed form attached with your tax disc should be sent to the following address:

Refund Section


SA99 1AL

Please note that you must post your refund application before the first day of the month that you are claiming the refund. Also the name on the refund application should match the name on the vehicle's registration certificate and you would need to state a valid reason for your refund. (e.g. scrapped) For more information and to download the v14 form please visit the DVLA website.