The EU End of Life Vehicles Regulations


The EU End of Life Vehicles Regulations - What's Involved?


The End of Life Vehicles Regulations is an EU directive that looks at ensuring proper disposal of vehicles, such as cars, vans and certain types of three-wheeled vehicles, which have completed their useful life and are no longer roadworthy.

The purpose of the End of Life Vehicles Regulations is to reduce emissions from these vehicles. The directive ensures that the vehicles are dismantled or shredded only by authorised centres whilst vehicle manufacturers foot the entire amount or a major portion of the cost of treatment. The dismantlers, shredders and producers have proper systems in place to collect end of life vehicles and vehicle owners should be able to return their vehicles to the authorised centres without having to pay for it. The metal salvaged from the vehicles has to be recycled, with recycling and recovery targets set at 85 percent for 2015.

Each year, 2 million vehicles in the UK reach the end of their lives, and currently, between 74 percent and 84 percent of the typical vehicle's weight is recycled and reused. Considering the sheer volume of vehicles that reach their end of life annually, this EU directive will help to ensure that only vehicles that do not cause pollution ply the roads. Furthermore, the ones that have reached the end of their lives are dismantled safely, and their metal and components are recycled.

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