the conservation volunteersThe Conservation Volunteers

TCV takes a 'hands on' approach to conservation by working with volunteers to help create better and sustainable environments for all. TCV's youth volunteering programmes inspire young people to develop new skills whilst making a difference to the local community and environment.

By donating your scrap car you could make headway in improving the environment with a leading environmental charity. If you wish to donate your car just complete the form to the right!


How your donation can help

  • £10 could equip a volunteer to dig a drainage ditch, diverting water to help prevent flooding during stormy weather.
  • £20 could help volunteers rejuvenate local woodland by planting saplings fitted with special protective guards, so they can withstand all weathers and have the best chance of maturing into magnificent trees.
  • £30 could teach new volunteers how to stabilise sand dunes and strengthen our coast's natural defences against erosion by the sea.
  • £40 could enable a team of volunteers to clear dogwood from chalk land areas to give juniper and rare flowers the chance to thrive, bringing colour and life back to the landscape.
  • £50 could help a group of volunteers plant vegetables and fruit in a communal garden in an inner-city area, reducing food miles and therefore CO2, improving the diet of local families and introducing them to the joys of growing their own!