amber foundationThe Amber Foundation

The Amber Foundation runs residential centres that offer young homeless people a platform to transform and rebuild their lives. The supportive environment the centres provide allows disadvantaged young people to gain the motivation, confidence and skills they need to get a job and accommodation through a series of structured programmes, courses and activities that take place within and outside of the centre.

Donate your car to the Amber Foundation today and it can make a real difference to a young life. Just complete the form to the right!



How your donation can help

  • £19 covers a young person's direct resident costs such as clothing, transport fares and positive activities for a week
  • £24 feeds a homeless young person for one week.
  • £32 covers a young person's medical and therapy expenses for a month
  • £36 provides all the essential cleaning consumables for a young person such as toiletries for a month
  • £68 covers a young person's utility costs (gas, electricity, water and oil) for a month